WCFF Sept 23 Event

WCFF presents in association with Cinema Golau


Join us as we start off the weekend with some wonderful films from the Windrush Caribbean Film Festival including the winner of the BEST OVERALL FILM 2022, The Art of Oppression at The Riverfront in Newport, Wales.

What’s Playing: 23 September 2022

The Art of Oppression

Patricia Francis | 2021 |  42mins

Three female artists are given three  weeks each to create a work of art during the lockdown. The women are culturally diverse and use their art to speak of marginalisation and oppression. Voice is important in this film, the director gives volume and primacy to the women’s lived experiences and to what they reveal of the process in creating their art.

Black Exodus

Daniel Bailey | 2019 |18mins

Black Exodus is a visualisation of what the black community looks like when you separate it from racial oppression. Using the richness and the pain of their past to engineer their futures, creative artist discuss what is needed to create a Black Utopia focusing on the role of healing, spirituality, community, birth and death and the need for the acceptance of queerness in the Black Community. Centered around Caribbean culture and its African origin a combination of Afro, dancehall, contemporary dance and vogueing have merged to represent the vernacular of this community using history and culture to forge an oasis of healing.

Gifts from Babylon

Bas Ackermann, Amadou A Silah, Babucar Manka, Modou Joof | 2018 | 24mins

Gifts from Babylon is a short film exploring the psychological impact of Africa-EU migration through the lens of a Gambian return-migrant. The film captures the personal conflicts that arise when Modou, a deported refugee, returns to his home country after having lived illegally in Europe for five years. Suffering from intense flashbacks of his illegal migrant journey, he wonders what has become of him…