The WCFF Film Awards

Congratulations and thank you to all filmmakers who participated in the Windrush Caribbean Film Festival. We are honoured to have your films continue the legacy of the Windrush generation. Here are the past and present award recipients:

WCFF 2024 Award Winners


This year’s 5th annual Windrush Caribbean Film Festival awards:


Best Short Film


Best Feature Film


Best Film

WCFF 2023 Award Winners


Best Short Film

Rea’s Men

by Aaron James Robertson


Best Documentary

The Spirit Runs Deep

by Gavin Porter


Best Breakout Film


by Nadine O’Mahony

WCFF 2022 Award Winners


Best Short Film

The Ballad of Olive Morris

by Alex Kayode-Kay


Best Feature Film

Arts of Conflict – The Discourse of Notting Hill Carnival

by Tony Oldham


Best Film

Art of Oppression

by Patricia Francis

Honouring The Lives of Windrush Warriors

Interested in more awards? To honour the life and legacy of Paulette Wilson and Menelik Shabazz, we’ve created two awards for individuals in our community following in their footsteps; standing up, speaking out and fighting for change. Take a look at The Paulette Wilson and Menelik Shabazz award winners.